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Definition and characteristics of Puffed Snack food

Definition: Puffed food is a kind of snack with crispy, vivid aroma and different styles with a certain degree of puffing, which is made of grains, potatoes or beans as the main raw materials, and is made by puffing processes such as extrusion, baked, frying, etc.

I.The retention rate and digestibility of nutrients are high.
Starch in grain raw materials is gelatinized quickly during the extrusion, so that the hydration rate of protein and carbohydrate in it is significantly increased, and the gelatinized starch will not age after a long time. Protein-rich plant raw materials are extruded at high temperature for a short time, the protein is completely denatured, and the tissue structure becomes porous, which is conducive to contact with human digestive enzymes, so that the utilization rate and digestibility of protein are improved.

II.The better nutritional value and functional characteristics of Puffed Snack.
When the grain is processed by extrusion technology, additives such as amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, food coloring and flavor can be evenly distributed in the extrusion, and can be irreversibly combined with the extrusion to achieve the purpose of strengthening food. As extrusion is operated instantaneously at high temperature,the loss of nutrients is less.

III.Enhance the food quality,easy to store.
The extrusion technology can make the original rough and hard tissue structure become puffed and soft,increase the color, aroma and taste of food in the extrusion process. Therefore, the extrusion technology is conducive to the fine preparation of coarse grains, improve the quality of food, and make food with a unique flavor of light body, crisp and strong flavor.
In addition, puffed food is made by high temperature, high pressure treatment, which can not only kill microorganisms, but also passivate the activity of enzymes. At the same time, the water content of the expanded food is reduced to less than 10%, which limits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and is conducive to improving the storage stability of food. If the seal is good, it can be stored for a long time and is suitable for making war food.

IV.Easy to eat, wide variety of foods.
In grains, beans, potatoes or vegetables and other raw materials, adding different auxiliary materials, and then extruded processing, can produce a wide variety of nutritious puffed food. Since the puffed food has become cooked food, most of it is ready-to-eat food (open the package to eat), which is simple, convenient to eat and saves time.

V.Simple machine, low energy consumption and high working efficiency.
The extruder used for processing puffed food is simple and has a unique structural design, which can be combined or replaced easily and quickly to become a multi-purpose system. High labor productivity, low processing costs.

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