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The principle, characteristics and advantages of microwave sterilization

Jinan Kelid Machinery Co., Ltd. produces different models of microwave sterilization machine to meet the needs of different clients.

Thermal effect

Under the action of the microwave field, the molecules of the microorganisms in the product oscillate at a high frequency, which produces a thermal effect. The rapid rise in temperature causes the protein structure to change, thereby losing activity, causing the bacteria to die.

Biological effect

a. Under the action of electromagnetic waves, the organism in the product produces a strong biological response, causing the organism to produce various physiological changes, biochemical changes and functional changes.

b. Microwaves can change the physiologically active substances of microorganisms in the product.

c. Microwave can severely damage the normal metabolic function of microbial cells, stop them from growing or die.

d. Microwave can reduce water activity and destroy the growth environment of microorganisms

e. Microwaves can relax, break, and recombine hydrogen bonds in the DNA and RNA molecular structure of microbial cells, induce gene mutations and chromosomal aberrations, to interrupt cell reproduction

Features and advantages of microwave sterilization machine

1. Efficiently. Microwave can make the product produce heat effect very fast, thus killing microorganisms.

2. Good sterilization effect. Microwave uses both thermal and biological effect

to perform deep-level sterilization at the same time inside and outside the product, making sterilization more thorough.

3. High quality of finished product. Microwave sterilization can maximum keep the product's color, fragrance, taste, physical appearance, and nutritional components, etc.

4. Environment friendly. microwave sterilization will not produce pollution and pollution residues, so it will not affect the environment.

5. Convenient and fast. Microwave can penetrate most of the packaged items. It can sterilize the product after packaging, reduce labor intensity. This can also avoid secondary infection to the product caused by the environment.

6. Easy operation: With the PLC, HD display screen and touchscreen, the operation is simple, stable, safe and friendly.

Jinan Kelid Machinery Co., Ltd. produces different models of microwave sterilization machine to meet the needs of different clients. In addition, the machine can be customized according to the characteristics of raw materials, client's workshop size, workshop environment, etc. Welcome to consult.


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