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Analysis of Areas Where Microwave Drying Equipment is Not Suitable

The advantages of microwave drying equipment used in various fields are unmatched by other drying equipment. Due to its uniformity and rapidity of drying, especially the sterilization effect during the drying process, it is unmatched by any other drying equipment. However, microwave ovens also have their weaknesses and incomparable areas. Here are some areas where it doesn't apply.
1. Microwave drying equipment is not suitable for metal materials because the characteristic of metal is to reflect microwaves. Therefore, even if the material can be dried by putting the metal material into the microwave drying equipment, its drying uniformity cannot be controlled, so it is not suitable for microwave drying equipment.

2. The temperature of the materials that need to be dried should not be too high. In this case, the application of microwave drying equipment is not ideal, such as fresh red dates drying, grape drying, fruit drying, wolfberry/longan drying, etc. Since these products have a high water content and are prone to heat accumulation, but the material itself does not allow high temperatures (otherwise it will mature), microwave equipment cannot be used.

3 Microwave drying equipment is not suitable for drying materials with low added value. For example, people often want to use microwave drying equipment to process domestic waste and sludge. While this is technically possible, in terms of cost accounting it is not economically feasible to use microwave drying equipment as the material has no value at all.

4. The material needs to be dry with water attached to the surface. The material itself does not absorb microwaves or the material itself is too thin and cannot accumulate heat. In this case, the application effect of air drying equipment is the most obvious, and the application of microwave equipment is obviously not as good as air drying equipment.

To sum up, microwave drying equipment is not a general-purpose equipment in use. Microwave drying equipment is also a powerful field. Therefore, microwave drying equipment needs to be selected and the required drying materials need to be carefully selected.


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