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Cabinet Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine Operating Steps

The following are common steps for using Cabinet microwave drying sterilization machine :
Industrial cabinet microwave machines are specially developed and developed for small-scale processing of food, chemicals, medicine, agricultural and sideline products or for special requirements. The following are common steps for using industrial microwave cabinets:

Preparation: Cut the material to be processed into appropriate sizes to ensure uniform exposure to microwave radiation. Also clean and maintain microwave drying equipment to ensure proper operation.

Loading materials: Place the materials to be processed evenly in the drying chamber of the microwave drying equipment. Be careful not to over-pile or clog to ensure that the microwaves can radiate evenly to each material.

Set parameters: According to the nature of the material to be processed and the required drying effect, set the relevant parameters of the microwave drying equipment, such as drying time, microwave power, etc. The selection of these parameters needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation to achieve the drying effect.

Start the equipment: After ensuring that all operations of the microwave drying equipment comply with safety regulations, start the equipment to start the microwave drying process. During the drying process, the equipment generates microwave energy and radiates it onto the material, heating and dehydrating it.

Monitor the drying process: During the microwave drying process, the drying situation needs to be closely monitored. Changes in drying temperature, humidity and other parameters can be observed through the equipment's display screen or other monitoring devices. If abnormal conditions are found, equipment parameters should be adjusted in time or shut down for inspection.

End drying: When the set drying time is reached or the required drying effect is achieved, stop the operation of the microwave drying equipment. Pay attention to safe operation to avoid accidents such as burns.

Unload materials: Wait for the microwave drying equipment to cool down, then take out the dried materials. Take care to accurately record the quality of the material after drying and other necessary data.

Cleaning and maintenance: After use, clean and maintain the microwave drying equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend its service life.


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