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Wide Application of Industrial Microwave Machine in the Tea Industry

The wide application of industrial microwave machine in the tea industry
1. Tea fixing 
The main method of tea fixing is to destroy and inactivate the oxidase activity in fresh leaves through high temperature, inhibit the enzymatic oxidation of tea polyphenols and other tea polyphenols in fresh leaves, evaporate part of the water in the fresh leaves, make the tea soft, easy to roll and shape, and dissipate at the same time. Green smell promotes the formation of good aroma. Tea is rich in polyphenol oxidase. If it is not cured, the polyphenols will be oxidized and fermented under the action of the enzyme, so the tea will quickly lose color and then become bad. Therefore, tea fixing is an important step in tea processing. Killing keeps the color of the tea leaves emerald green, evaporates the green smell and improves the aroma, and makes the tea leaves softer and easier to roll. The finished tea processed by microwave technology has a green color, intact shape and fresh tea aroma. It is an environmentally friendly and high-speed tea processing technology, especially suitable for high-quality tea.

2. Drying
The application of microwave machine drying tea has the following advantages: fast drying speed; good product quality; because the surface temperature of the tea is not too high, there are few changes in chlorophyll, the color is green and durable, there is less aroma loss, and the microwave equipment dries evenly; at the same time, due to the moisture The evaporation rate is fast and porosity is easily formed. The product has good rehydration properties and the contents are easily dissolved when making tea.

Microwave machine insecticide can achieve an insecticidal effect that is difficult to achieve with traditional methods on both the interior and surface of the material in a short period of time and at a lower temperature. Adult insects, larvae, pupae and eggs can all be killed.

4. Sterilization
Microwave sterilization is carried out under the dual action of microwave thermal and non-thermal effects. Compared with conventional temperature sterilization, satisfactory sterilization can be achieved at a lower temperature and in a shorter time. It can effectively kill and reduce the total number of bacterial colonies, Escherichia coli, coliforms, mold, yeast, Bacillus cereus, etc. The most important thing is that microwave sterilization tea equipment is widely used and can be applied to: tea leaves, tea powder, cold brew tea, scented tea, fruit tea, etc.

Microwave machine can heating the tea to reduce the woody and earthy smell in the tea and improve the quality and taste of the tea leaves.


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